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Alabama minimally invasive surgery
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Total Hip Replacement THR and Total Knee Replacement THR are very successful surgical treatment for arthritis of the hip and knee respectively.

Over the last several years hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery has evolved to a Minimally Invasive Surgical MIS technique.

Dr. Kenneth Bramlett in association with Zimmer Orthopaedic Corporation assisted to create the techniques and management tools required to make MIS a safe routine available procedure in the south east United States. These cases have been closely followed, clinically reviewed and over 5000 MIS hip, knee and shoulder procedures have been safely performed in the
United States in the last three years.

The information below is created in order to allow patients to become informed, assist in their information search and to allow them the opportunity to consider MIS procedures as an option for their care.

The MIS technique combined with Dr. Bramlett’s Prehabilitation/ OrthoP.A.C.E program has been used to treat over 15,000 patients over the last decade. We feel this gives the patient and their family the best opportunity to become independent, mobile, safely in the shortest period of time.

The intent of MIS/ OrthoP.A.C.E….. is

  • Less tissue trauma – muscles and tendons are avoided or separated, not cut
  • Faster and less painful rehabilitation
  • Smaller incisions and less scarring – two incisions of 1˝ to 2 inches each, rather
    than one 10- to 12-inch incision
  • Shorter hospital stay – 1-2 days (vs. 3-5 days); some patients go home in less
    than 24 hours
  • Reduced blood loss and less need for pre-surgery blood donation
  • Faster return to work and daily activities

To find out more about Alabama MIS, click on the following

Alabama MIS- Hip Alabama MIS- Knee

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